Size Info

Use your height as a quick guide to find your recommended size:

Size Chart

Remember, MAD BOY bikes are limited-edition and FINAL SALE so make sure to get the right size.

For more accurate sizing, you may want to measure and use your "standover height."  To do that, measure the distance from your crotch to the floor while standing in sneakers (or cycling shoes) with your feet slightly apart and flat on the ground.  Measure in centimeters or convert from inches to centimeters by multiplying the inch dimension by 2.54.  Then subtract 2.5 to 5 centimeters from that number (to give yourself a little room between the top bar of the bike and your crotch) to determine your "standover height".

Now use that height to determine the best size for you based on the bike frame's standover measurement.  For example, if your "standover height" measures 31", multiply that by 2.54 to get 78.74cm, and subtract 2.5cm (or 5cm for a little extra clearance room) and you get 76.24cm.  Based on that height and the chart below, we would recommend you get a Small (S) size bike.  If your "standover height" is between 2 sizes, you can size up or down depending on your preference.  If you have longer arms or are fit/athletic and like to ride fast, you may want to choose the slightly larger size.  If your build is more compact or you want to sit more upright, then you may want to choose the slightly smaller size.

Mad Boy Standover Height (centimeters):

  • Small (S) = 76.2cm
  • Medium (M) = 79.2cm
  • Large (L) = 83.3cm
  • Extra Large (XL) = 85.8cm

See below for detailed measurements for the different frame sizes.

Bike Geometry & Sizing